Fresh Air at Wonorejo Park, Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia's second largest city and the capital of East Java province. Surabaya has some parks, it scattered in some places in this heroes' city. One of the park that you can visit is the Wonorejo park. This location can also be used as educational tours for you and your family. While in this park facilities, we will forget that we are actually in the middle of a city.

Wonorejo Park with an area of 5.9 hectares is equipped with a jogging track around the lake, playgrounds, restrooms, gazebos, and a food terrace. In addition, the plant seeding areas is still retained as the initial function of this park. On the west side of Wonorejo park there are areas that could be used by the community to exercise, such as skates and others. The attraction of this park is the existence of an artificial lake located in the middle of the park. The periphery of the lake is surrounded by large trees. Sitting relaxed in the shade of the tree will be very exciting. The freshness of the air in this park will make visitors comfortable, although only sit while enjoying the atmosphere. The lake is also equipped with some sort of dock that can be used for fishing, just sit around, even for pre-wedding photos.

Wonorejo park located at Jalan Kendalsari, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Surabaya. This recreational park has been around since 2011. Previously, this area is only used for the seeding of various plants that meet the needs of city gardening. The functionality of the park with a lake inside then revitalized and maximized. In the first place, this facility only serve as a seeding, this park is now also function as tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by citizens of the city. Wonorejo park could serve as an education tourist facilities, the park can be utilized by school children to get to know the name and the form of the plant and how to care and to nourish it. This could support the awareness of children to care and love for the environment. There are various existing plants in the park, among them are shade trees, ornamental plants, and medicinal plants. There is a special officer who is ready to teach you how plant and to seed.

The beauty and freshness of the air in the park, completed with free wifi facility. Actually every park built by the city government of Surabaya always equipped with free wifi. In the entrance of the park there are a lot of street vendors selling snacks or drinks. On the opposite side of the road there are also several food stalls and shops, so we do not have to worry about food. The park can be visited every day. The location of this park, starting from the crossroads of Kertajaya and Dr. Ir H Soekarno road, heading south to the MERR bridge, then turn left into the Baruk Utara XI street. Keep following this road until you reach the Kendalsari street. Continue down this road until you reach the Wonorejo park. The position of the park is on the left side of the road

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