White crater is located in Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, Bandung. With the height 2386 meters and temperatures around 8-22 Celsius, 46 km or 2.5 hours south of Bandung. The crater of Mount Patuha is an attractive tourist object with a white coloured crater. On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railroad tracks, yellow rice fields, gardens and extensive green tea and pine forest.


Aceh is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island. One of the beach that became the main attraction of tourism in Aceh is Lampu'uk Beach. Lampu'uk Beach is one of the tsunami 2004 “witnesses”.The beach length is reached 4 km restricted by a mountain rocks beneath which there are caves under the water.

Besides swimming in the blue and clean beaches, visitors can enjoy special food of Lampu'uk beaches, grilled fish Lampu'uk. Visitors can choose the fish that will be grilled. This food can be enjoyed under the hut (local: Jamboo)

Visitors also can enjoy the beauty of the beach by banana boat with a capacity of five people; visitors only have to pay Rp. 25 000. Banana boat will take you around the beach until 20 meters from the beach for 20 minutes.

On this beach there Rahmatullah mosque not far from the beach, this mosque is the only building not destroyed during the tsunami in 2004. In the corner of the mosque there are pillars which destroyed by the tsunami, after the renovation, the mosque committee did not repair this angle as an evidence the great destruction of tsunami in 2004 in order that our grandchildren will not forget it.

By late afternoon we will see the charm of a sunset in the western corner of Indonesia, this moment becomes the most beautiful and romantic moment on the Lampu'uk beach.

The beach located at Meunasah Masjid Village, Aceh Besar district, about 15 KM from the city of Banda Aceh. Near the main road of Banda Aceh - Calang (Aceh Jaya); any vehicles, public transport or taxis can take you to this area.


One of the largest lake in East Kalimantan (East Borneo) is Semayang lake in Kutai Kartanegara. It has sunrise and sunset in a single spot; it is no less beautiful sunrise and sunset with another area, our unique view of sunrise and sunset can be seen on Longboat. This is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Semayang lake which is one of the largest lakes in East Kalimantan, known as one of the largest fishing center in the regency. The majority of people there to be fishing as a main profession. But during the dry season when water in the lake has become dry out, they would switch to farming profession

To reach the lake, if using ground vehicles from the capital of Kutai Kartanegara district - Tenggarong - towards the Kota Bangun subdistricts it takes two hours. From Kota Bangun then continued with a longboat for eight passengers and it will arrive at the lake Semayang approximately one hour. Do not worry about accommodation, less than half an hour from the lake there is Muara Muntai subdistrict where you can find floating lodge and restaurant that serves a variety of menus including the surrounding waters of the lake.


For lovers of nature and the underwater world, 3 kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa Island lies Moyo Island, a pristine environment with rugged coastlines and a grassy savannah home to all sorts of wildlife. Moyo island has become more famous with the visit of Princess Diana and Mick Jagger.

Moyo Island has a variation in altitude of 0-648 meters above sea level and has an area of 30 000 hectares. Hundreds of butterflies can you see behind the shrubs, trees or in the middle of savanna. The island is inhabited by 21 species of bats, birds, macaque, wild pig, deer and snakes. Because it is still very natural, not advisable to enter the island without a guide. In this island we could see the virgin nature, waterfalls and natural streams, as well as the beauty beneath the sea. In addition, hiking in the woods, along rivers and waterfalls as well as exploration of caves by foot, can be an alternative activity.

Moyo is surrounded by beautiful untouched coral reefs which are ideal for snorkeling. You can enjoy the marine parks that make up the soft and hard coral formations, sponges and crustaceans, sharks with a length of approximately two meters, anemones, pelagic, eels, groupers and even mantas, all there. If you are lucky, you can see a bunch of flying fish. If you want to dive, you can do around the Medang Island, located on Northwest Moyo Island, just contact the Laguna Biru Resort on the outskirts of the town of Sumbawa Besar. These experiences in the tropical warm waters of Indonesia will be unforgettable.

Two thirds of the island is a natural reserve. Wildlife here includes deer, feral cattle and a variety of different types of birds. From great billed herons, spotted brahminy kites to white bellied sea eagles – bird watchers will be in for a treat with the amount of birds that make this island their home. In the woods there is the Cave of Ai Manis to be attained by a little climbing. This is the nest of hundreds of bats. In addition, there are Brang Rea (Big River) waterfalls located in the middle of the island. Approximately 86 of 124 bird species in Sumbawa, can be found in this island. Inhabitants of the island is an endangered bird species, the yellow-headed Parrot and Megapode bird.

Archeology and cultural buffs shouldn’t miss a visit to Batu Tering traditional village where you can see the remains of an extinct megalithic culture. After you check in with the village chief, ask for a guide to show you round Airnung where you can see the remains of old rulers and ancient relief carvings.

How to get there…

Travelling by car can be taken from Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari, a coastal village located about 20 km north of Sumbawa Besar. Travel from Ai Bari to Moyo Island is about 15 minutes by speedboat, or use the "ketinting" ship. One of the fishermen who always provide this transportation is Mr. Lahi who are used to receiving foreign visitors. Or if you want an easier way, Tambora Hotels and Golden Beach Hotel in Sumbawa Besar, can arrange trips to the island. You may also go in person to the jetty at Muara Kali and bargain for a boat. There is the option of taking a faster, more expensive speed boat or, if the wind is suitable, sail across in a local fishing outrigger. The outrigger takes double the time but it is a peaceful and pleasant way to soak up the atmosphere.

To Stay

The Amawana Resort is truly a remote paradise. Located in the island’s reserve, you will never be bothered by distractions from the outside world. This secluded and intimate hotel has attracted world famous guests including Princess Diana. Guests stay in tailor made tents where curious deer may just peek in as they walk by. Many travelers come to Moyo on a day trip from Sumbawa however there is basic accommodation available at the nature conservation post at Tanjung Pasir.




Tanjung Bira located at the southern tip of South Sulawesi Province which is in Bonto Bahari District, Bulukumba. Various facilities are available, such as hotels, restaurants, and telecommunication. This beach is 41 km to the east of the Bulukumba. There is a ferry crossing the harbor to the Selayar island. The tourists can swim, sunbathing, diving and snorkeling, watching sunrise and sunset in a similar position, and can enjoy the beauty of the two existing islands in front of this coast, namely Liukang island and Kambing island.

Travel Routes and Accommodations:

Tanjung Bira located about 40 km from Bulukumba, or 200 km from Makassar City.
  • Makassar to Bulukumba: There are MPV public transports with a tariff of Rp. 35000.
  • Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira: By public transport called “pete-pete” with a tariff of Rp. 8000 - Rp. 10000.
Travelling time from Makassar to Tanjung Bira approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.

  • Hasanuddin Airport to Malengkeri transport terminal (Makassar): By taxi which rates upto approximately Rp. 40.000.
  • Malengkeri terminal to Bulukumba/Tanjung Bira: there were some buses to Bulukumba/Tanjung Bira.
In Tanjung Bira, the public transport only available until the afternoon. But we can use car rent which rates upto Rp. 500.000.

The Cost of admission to the location of Tanjung Bira Beach is Rp. 5000. Tanjung Bira equipped with facilities such restaurants, lodging, villas, bungalows, and hotels with rates starting from Rp. 100.000 to Rp. 600.000 per day. There is also a diving and snorkeling equipment rental rates to upto Rp 30.000. Tourists who want to tour around the coast, can use motor rent for Rp 65.000. In coastal areas there is also a ferry port is ready to take tourists who want to travel to the Selayar island for diving.

Bira Beach Hotel
Bira View Inn
Sapolohe Cottages
Anda Bungalows
Riswan Bungalows
Riswan Guesthouse
Nusa Bunga Bungalows
Bara Beach Inn

Takabonerate National Park:

Takabonerate National Park has the third largest coral atoll in the world (after Kwajifein, Marshall Islands and Suvadiva, Moldiva Islands). Size of atoll is approximately 220.000 hectares, with scattered coral reef area of 500 km sq. Beach vegetation dominated by coconut, pandanus sea, sea pine, and almond. Coral reefs are identified as many as 261 species from 17 families. Most of these types of coral reef atolls have been formed (barrier reef) and the reef edge (fringing reef). There are approximately 295 species of reef fish and many kinds of consumption fish, including 244 types of mollusks, hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and lekang hawksbill (Dermochelys coriacea).



Natuna Islands, located at the northern tip of Indonesia. Bunguran, Jemaja, and Serasan island are the three largest islands in this archipelago. Natuna Islands was a district in Riau Islands Province, with capital Ranai Bunguran Island.

Surrounded in the Natuna Sea, bordering Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The islands have beautiful scenery, with beaches that are still virgin. There are beach tourism, such as the Tanjung beach, Sebagul, Selahang Gulf, Setengar, and so forth. Suitable for snorkeling, turtle habitat observations, and lovers of the underwater tour.

Senoa Island is the outermost islands of Indonesia, can be reached by pompong (small boats). This Island shape looks like pregnant women who were lying on the sea. In Senoa Island, visitors will find a turtle that roam freely on the beach. On this island there are also a number of swallow nest in the cave.

There are also rocks and cave tourist attraction such Batu Sindu cave, Batu Kapal, Alive Stone Park, and so forth. Natuna has a number of large boulders scattered throughout the island. The rocks are protected and used as tourist objects by local government. This form of rocks are also unique, like Batu Kapal in the form of two large boulders that lined. The shape resembles like a huge ship that dumped off on the beach. Alive Stone Park is in the form of a standing ellipse stone.

Natuna has one of the rare ape species commonly known by the name "kekah". Kekah only live in Bunguran Island at Sintu Mountain region (Pian Tengah, Sepang, Seberang), Ranai mount and Ceruk Mount. Kekah are eating fruit, leaves, and roots; live in groups, rather difficult to be approached as shy and timid.

How to get there

To reach Natuna Islands we can use the small Fokker aircraft with a capacity of about 45 passenger from Hang Nadim Airport, Batu Besar, Batam, or from Airport Kijang, Tanjung Pinang. Plane trip takes 1 hour 30 minutes; ticket prices Rp 830.000 - 900.000.
Schedule: Pekanbaru - Tg Pinang - Natuna three times a week; Batam - Natuna once 1 week

We can also use the pelni ship from Kijang Harbor, Tanjung Pinang. This ship will return to the Natuna one week later. The trip by boat takes approximately 12 hours at a cost of Rp. 150.000.

Tour & travel agents

Metra Sarana Tour & Travel
Addres : Jl. Sukarno-Hatta, Batu Hitam - Ranai
Phone/Fax : +62 0773 - 31081
Ranai Alam Lestari
Address: Jl. H.R. Subrantas - Ranai
Phone/Fax : +62 0773 - 31051
Samudra Mas Tour & Travel
Address: Jl. DKWM Benteng - Ranai
Phone/Fax : +62 0773 - 31600


Hotel: Caesar
Address: Jl. Pramuka No. 3 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31421
Hotel: Natuna
Address: Jl. Subrantas - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31501
Hostelry: Sisi Basisir
Address: Jl. DKWM Benteng No. 132 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31212, 31203
Hostelry: Ajo Basamo
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 29 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31414
Hostelry: Putri Indah
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 31 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31114
Hostelry: Putri Bungsu
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 19 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Peni
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31480
Hostelry: Central
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta N0. 109 - Ranai
Phone/Fax: +62 0773 - 31248
Hostelry: Mira
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta - Ranai
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Batu Hitam
Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta - Ranai
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Natuna Island
Address: Jl. Hasanuddin - Ranai
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Mariana
Address: Jl. DKWM Benteng - Ranai
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: NFR
Address: Jl. Pasar Pelimpak - Serasan
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Hosan
Address: Jl. Pasar Pelimpak - Serasan
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Orient
Address: Jl. Pelantar Mustamin - Sedanau
Phone/Fax: -
Hostelry: Gembira
Address: Jl. Pelantar Nato - Sedanau
Phone/Fax: -
Hotel: Pelangi Natuna
Address: Jl. Yos Sudarso - Sedanau
Phone/Fax: -


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Pacitan has a very varied landscape, this town has beaches and mountains; the city called the city bowl because it is surrounded by mountains and hills. It lies on the southern coast of Java Island. It has exotic and virgin beaches, white sand, has big waves and lots of steep reefs. Beach Srau and Klayer are some very exotic beaches.

Access road to the city is adrenaline pumping, up and down the mountain, steep hills on the left side and cliff in the right side. When entering the city, we can enjoy the southern ocean view. Train and plane is still not yet entered the city.

There are several tourist beaches here, but unfortunately, the supporting infrastructure such as road access and transportation facilities still need to be developed further. But from another viewpoint, these conditions create a condition that those beaches are keept virgin. Location of the beaches was a bit far from main roads and not much public transport to get there. Pacitan has some tourism potentials:

1. Teleng Ria beach
Situated in the South Beach (Indian Ocean), white sand stretch as far as 3 km. Distance from the capital only 3.5 km, and can be achieved with various types of vehicle.Some facilities here are view shelter, swimming pool, kids playground, Bonggo Budoyo lodging versatile, campsite, fishing arena, and Pacitan cuisine. This beach is used also for Fish Trade Center so that visitors can buy some fresh fishes.

2. Srau beach
Srau beach located on Pringkuku district, approximately 25 km to the west of the town, can be reched by both private and public vehicles.

3. Klayar beach
Klayar beach located on Donorojo district, approximately 35 km to the west of the town. This white sandy beach has a special nature attraction called "sea flute" which occasionally whistled in between cracks of rock and blast of waves.

4. Sidomulyo beach
This beach is located in the Sidomulyo village, Ngadirajo district, 50 km from the town and can be readched with all kinds of vehicle. It has white sand and 2 km in length.

5. Gong cave
Cave with stalactite and stalagmite which reputedly has the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, depth of approximately 256 m, it has five spring: Sendang Jampi Rogo, Sendang Panguripan, Sendang Relung Jiwo, Sendang Kamulyan, and Sendang Ralung Nisto which said could cure some disease. It beautiful stalactite and stunning stalagmites are given some title, such as: Selo Cengger Bumi, Selo Gerbang Giri, Selo Citro Cipto Agung, Selo Pakuan Bomo, Selo Adi Citro Buwono, Selo Bantaran Angin and Selo Susuh Angin. Located 30 km west of Pacitan in the Bomo village, Punung district and can be easily reached by all types of vehicles. Having a souvenirs market, restaurants, Parking, toilets, and mosque.

6. Tabuhan cave (wasp cave)
It got the name because of the stalactite and stalagmites sounds like gamelan (Javanese traditional music instrument). Its uniqueness has been widely known, quite a lot of tourists and artists use this cave for art performances. This cave is situated in the Wareng village, Punung district, 40 km from downtown Pacitan westward.

7. Warm water bathing
Springs that are still holding many of the properties and major benefits for health and fitness. Baths "Tirto Husodo" has two bathing place, two swimming pools and Lodging. Access to this tourist object is relatively easy, can be reached by car with good road condition, as far as 15 km from the town in the Arjosari district.

8. Ceprotan Ceremony
Ceprotan ceremony has become East Java Tourism event, this ceremony is a tradition in the village of Sekar, hereditary which is always held every year in Dulkangidah (Javanese traditional month) on Friday or Monday. This activity is meant to commemorate the legend of Panji Asmorobangun and Sekartaji Goddess. Ceprotan ceremony location is in the Donorojo district, 40 km to the west City Pacitan.

9. Several other exotic beaches are: Wawaran beach, Tamperan beach, Watu Karung beach, and maybe more undiscovered spot there...

Transportation to Pacitan

This city's main transportation terminal is Arjowinangun. Access to the east route (from Ponorogo & Madiun), which pretty much remains a sharp bend of the main constraints of transport, while the access point to the west toward Central Java, there are two options, the Southern route with the distance is longer and wider roads or passing Sedeng route with a shorter distance but must also pass Sedeng Barata (Sedeng village) which quite steep, so that large buses can not pass this point. Make sure your car is in best condition when pass this route.

Farthest bus line in the east route is Pacitan-Surabaya which are served by large air conditioning fast bus. In one day that there are 2 departures. Another route is Ponorogo-Pacitan with smaller bus and in one day more than 5 departures.

West route through the Southern route (to Solo/Surakarta) bus served with a rather large number, operating hours of 5:00 a.m. to 17:00, from Solo/Surakarta served 24 hours. For the western Sedeng route served only by a small public service vehicles types with the last stop in the Punung District.

Hotels & Lodging

Several small hotels in Pacitan:
Srikandi Hotels
Address: Jl. A. Yani No. 67 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881170
Facilities: VIP Room, and restaurants, meeting rooms and parking lots.
Permata Hotel
Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 26 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881224
Facilities: There are VIP rooms and economic categories, standards, other facilities are restaurants, parking and location in the city center.
Pacitan Hotels
Address: Jl. A. Yani No. 37 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881224
Facilities: VIP Room and the economy, House dinner.
Bali Asri Hotel
Address: Jl. A. Yani No. 69 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881170
Amenities: Family Room, VIP economy, and sports facilities and parking of vehicles.
Remaja Hotels
Address: Jl. A. Yani No. 67 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881188
Facilities: VIP Room and economic classes, the parking of vehicles.
Sidomulyo hotels
Address: Jl. P. Sudirman No. 25 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881207
Facilities: Rooms, parking for vehicles.
Wijaya Hotel
Address: Jl. P. Sudirman No. 41 Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881128
Facilities: Rooms, parking for vehicles.
Happy Bay Beach Bungalows
(Teleng Ria Coast District)
Address: Village of Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan
Tel. : +62 (0357) 881474
Facilities: Rooms, Parking of vehicles.
Pakis Permai Hotel
Address: Pakis Baru village, Nawangan district
Facilities: VIP and regular room, vehicle parking



One of Nias culture that still exists is the Stone Jumping, or locally called Fahombe. Nias Island Situated 125 km west coast of Sumatra mainland. Fahombe performed in the meaning of proving the readiness of man taking wife. The man should jump over a two meters high of stone board.

In the past the top of the stone board is covered with spikes and sharp pointed bamboo. Tactically, this stone jumping also means to train young warrior to clear the wall of their enemy with a torch in one hand and a sword in the other hand at night.


Centuries ago, the island of Nias consists of several areas that were governed by the landlord. They gain this position by helding a party to entertain the public - local people called “owasa”. The more often someone held an owasa the higher their position in society, and the cost of hosting a party are obtained from the spoils of war.

To win the war would require the support of a strong army. For men at that time to become soldiers is an honor, they would receive a larger income from ordinary people and have opportunities to become a landlord. A person can become a soldier when he has the ability to fight, excellent physical shape, martial arts, and witchcraft. But not only that, the determination of the end, they must be able to jump over a 2 m high rock composition, without the slightest touch.

In the past, this event was held exclusively like a festivals. For the girls, they used this event for choosing their ideal man, and for men who pass the test will became an idol girls. For those who already have a candidate, he soon proposed marriage. For those who are single may choose their candidate's. So, fahombo finally shifted its meaning, as if implying anyone who managed to jump over the stones deserve to be called as an adult and married.

Additional Information

The stones that must be skipped in the form of building a pyramid-like monument with a flat upper surface. The height is not less 2 meters, with a width of 90 cm, and 60 cm length. The jumper is not just have to cross a pile of stone, but he also must have a technique such as landing, because if he landed with the wrong position can cause muscle injury or broken bones.


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