One of the largest lake in East Kalimantan (East Borneo) is Semayang lake in Kutai Kartanegara. It has sunrise and sunset in a single spot; it is no less beautiful sunrise and sunset with another area, our unique view of sunrise and sunset can be seen on Longboat. This is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Semayang lake which is one of the largest lakes in East Kalimantan, known as one of the largest fishing center in the regency. The majority of people there to be fishing as a main profession. But during the dry season when water in the lake has become dry out, they would switch to farming profession

To reach the lake, if using ground vehicles from the capital of Kutai Kartanegara district - Tenggarong - towards the Kota Bangun subdistricts it takes two hours. From Kota Bangun then continued with a longboat for eight passengers and it will arrive at the lake Semayang approximately one hour. Do not worry about accommodation, less than half an hour from the lake there is Muara Muntai subdistrict where you can find floating lodge and restaurant that serves a variety of menus including the surrounding waters of the lake.

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