One of Nias culture that still exists is the Stone Jumping, or locally called Fahombe. Nias Island Situated 125 km west coast of Sumatra mainland. Fahombe performed in the meaning of proving the readiness of man taking wife. The man should jump over a two meters high of stone board.

In the past the top of the stone board is covered with spikes and sharp pointed bamboo. Tactically, this stone jumping also means to train young warrior to clear the wall of their enemy with a torch in one hand and a sword in the other hand at night.


Centuries ago, the island of Nias consists of several areas that were governed by the landlord. They gain this position by helding a party to entertain the public - local people called “owasa”. The more often someone held an owasa the higher their position in society, and the cost of hosting a party are obtained from the spoils of war.

To win the war would require the support of a strong army. For men at that time to become soldiers is an honor, they would receive a larger income from ordinary people and have opportunities to become a landlord. A person can become a soldier when he has the ability to fight, excellent physical shape, martial arts, and witchcraft. But not only that, the determination of the end, they must be able to jump over a 2 m high rock composition, without the slightest touch.

In the past, this event was held exclusively like a festivals. For the girls, they used this event for choosing their ideal man, and for men who pass the test will became an idol girls. For those who already have a candidate, he soon proposed marriage. For those who are single may choose their candidate's. So, fahombo finally shifted its meaning, as if implying anyone who managed to jump over the stones deserve to be called as an adult and married.

Additional Information

The stones that must be skipped in the form of building a pyramid-like monument with a flat upper surface. The height is not less 2 meters, with a width of 90 cm, and 60 cm length. The jumper is not just have to cross a pile of stone, but he also must have a technique such as landing, because if he landed with the wrong position can cause muscle injury or broken bones.



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