White crater is located in Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, Bandung. With the height 2386 meters and temperatures around 8-22 Celsius, 46 km or 2.5 hours south of Bandung. The crater of Mount Patuha is an attractive tourist object with a white coloured crater. On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railroad tracks, yellow rice fields, gardens and extensive green tea and pine forest.

Urban legend said that Mount Patuha is a meeting place of the ancestors of South Bandung. However, that legend became extinct after the exploration of a mixed Dutch-German scientist-planter, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, in the year 1837. His curiosity of the urban legend guided him to find a crater lake that is very exotic, after deep exploration to the jungle. Although already discovered in 1837, this object introduced into a tourist attraction in 1987 after being developed by PT Perhutani (Persero) Unit III, West Java and Banten.

Not far from the tourist area there is five meters deep man-made cave that said had once been used as a sulfur mine. That mining factory was named Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. This crater was formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha in 10-12 A.D. In addition there are also another white crater known as Saat crater.

This location is perfect for natural attractions lovers. From the entrance, visitors still have to walk 5 kilometers to the crater. Throughout the trip we could see tropical rain forests and eucalyptus. Admission price IDR 7500 per person, IDR 2000 per motor, and IDR 5000 per car.

The soil is composed of sulfur in white. The colour of crater can also vary depending on the sunlight; sometimes the water is green and bluish, when the weather is bright, sometimes brown. There are also a big stones around it that are beautiful. Various types of plants and animals add to the value of these sights. Some species of plants including Cantigi, Lemo, Vaccinium (typical plants of the crater area), and Eidelweis. While these types of animals that often seen include eagles, monkeys, mouse deer, wild boar, panther and leopard.

How To Get There
The White Crater Tourism Regions can be traveled using private cars or public transport. There is public transportation that will take you to the tourist area of the White Crater.


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