Tour de Singkarak is an international Bicycle Racing event. The name of Tour de Singkarak is derived from the name of a beautiful lake in Wes Sumatera. Singkarak Lake is a lake that stretched across two regencies, the Solok regency and Tanah Datar regency. This volcanic lake has an area of ​​107.8 km ² and is the second largest lake on the island of Sumatra.

Tour de Singkarak: Above the Singkarak Lake
The first edition of Tour de Singkarak held in 2009. Tour de Singkarak is usually held between the months of May-June. Since the first edition, Tour de Singkarak usually lasts for 7 days. This year, Tour de Singkarak will be held on June 3 to 9, 2013. Along the race route of Tour de Singkarak , participants and spectators can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains of West Sumatra and the colorful local culture.

Tour de Singkarak: the lakeside
One of the stages in Tour de Singkarak is passing through a small and romantic town, called Sawahlunto. Sawahlunto is an old city that filled with many stories from Dutch colonial period. Dutch colonists at that time exploited coal from this city. Old mining relics and buildings from the Dutch colonial era still prevalent.

Tour de Singkarak: passing an old colonialist building
For this time, I will not elaborate this Tour de Singkarak things, I just wanted to show the Tour de Singkarak atmosphere with the beauty of West Sumatra province as the backdrop.
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Tour de Singkarak: passing Gadang clock, Padang's landmark

Tour de Singkarak: beautiful green backdrop

Tour de Singkarak: bellow the rocky cliff

Tour de Singkarak: green everywhere

Tour de Singkarak: green paddy fields

Tour de Singkarak: the oldies convoy

Tour de Singkarak: lake on the right, paddy fields on the left

Tour de Singkarak: West Sumatera's traditional house as the backdrop

Tour de Singkarak: green uphill scenery

Tour de Singkarak: they also beautiful isn't it

Tour de Singkarak: actually there are more beautiful sight....


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